Classic House Series, Episode #1: Lovelee Dae – Blaze

Spring is officially here and what better way to kick off the new Classic House series here on thekeytothehouse than with this timeless classic.  One listen to the lyrics “It’s a lovely day, and the sun is shining” and you’re in a good mood and ready to go.

Acclaimed production duo Blaze are the minds behind this beautiful slice of classic house.  Comprised originally of Josh Milan, Kevin Hedge and Chris Herbert, Herbert introduced Milan and Hedge to each other and then ironically left the group in 1991.  Hedge and Milan “blazed” forward, creating a string of classic tunes and remixes that can still be heard in clubs around the world to this day.

Hedge and Milan shared productions duties, vocals and instrumentation and achieved worldwide success with hits including “How Deep Is Your Love”, “My Beat” featuring Palmer Brown, and also composed De’Lacy‘s global club smash “Hideaway”, which has been remixed and reissued numerous times.

I will admit to not having discovered “Lovelee Dae” until about two years ago when I heard it as part of a live mash-up by DJ Falcon at Pacha with his and Thomas Bangalter‘s original version of “Call On Me” (later re-released by Eric Prydz).  The vocal hook was so compelling that I had to track down the original and since I did, it has never left my record box.

1997’s “Lovelee Dae” is the perfect chilled, laid back house tune for a sunny afternoon and still works on the dancefloor to this day.  I love dropping it to give my crowd a little time to catch their breath and enjoy some nostalgia, but it never fails to get heads bobbing and people dancing.  The simple bass kick, hi-hat and snare beat lays the foundation and the gorgeous synths and vocals just seem to wash over the track like a wave of bliss.  Perfect for warm-up or peak time, this one is a definite winner and is a staple part of my classic house sets.

What are your thoughts on this timeless tune?  Please post your thoughts and comments below and let us know how this classic has worked for you over the years!


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