Cafe del Mar 2013(The Haunted Hope Remix) – Energy 52

I know it’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here, but I was blown away by how many followers and visits we’ve had since my last login!  As a token of my appreciation, here is my reworking of the all-time trance classic Cafe del Mar – Energy 52 and gave the alias I used the name Haunted Hope as that’s what came to mind when I was working with the sounds I decided to use.  Rather than peppering it with samples from the original mixes, I simply decided to replay everything from scratch to give it the feel I wanted.  It has become my most played track on Soundcloud and as everyone and their grandmere has remixed this one, I am so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to listen to it and give positive feedback.

Hopefully more to come soon, enjoy!