Classic House Series – Episode #8 – Something Goin’ On – Todd Terry featuring Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown

The year was 1997.  The sound was house.  The MAN was Todd Terry.

Still riding high off the massive success of his remix of “Missing” by Everything But the Girl, it seemed that the man known as “Todd the God” could do no wrong.  Remixing everyone in sight, he became the go-to guy for a stomping remix of your run of the mill top 40 hit.  Todd’s remixing skills were in constant demand, and more emphasis was being placed on his re-rubs of other peoples music than his own.

No stranger to releasing his own tunes, Todd has been at it since the late 1980’s and developed his own signature sound by fusing the sampling elements of early hip-hop with the groove and soul of house music.  In addition to his huge remix of EBTG, his magnificent re-work of “I’ll House You” – Jungle Brothers remains a seminal release in the world of classic house.

1997 came around and it was time for Todd to re-introduce the masses to his own productions by way of a full-length album “Ready For A New Day“.  His re-make of the Musique classic “Keep On Jumpin’” was still riding high on the playlists of the worlds DJ elite and featured the vocal talents of Jocelyn Brown (who featured on the Musique original) and Martha Wash who had gained fame as a member of the Weather Girls and was perhaps better known to commercial audiences as the then uncredited vocalist for Black Box and C+C Music Factory.

“Something Goin’ On” served as the albums lead single and to this day remains a classic of the soulful house genre.  In the original (labelled as “Tee’s Remix” on the vinyl), Todd brings together his signature “tough” beats with funky guitar licks, piano flourishes and the vocal gymnastics of Wash and Brown to create a powerfully uplifting vocal house anthem.  Throw in the “Preacher” intro from fellow house music veteran Roland Clark and you have the perfect tune to kick off a stomping club set.

The fun didn’t end there.  If you were lucky enough to grab the US vinyl version, you were treated to the moodier but equally bombastic remix from the Rhythm Masters which stripped things down to give the track and even tougher feel, their beat serving as a healthy kick in the arse for those looking for something with a bit more of an underground feel complete with chopped up vocal snippets and a very cool overall vibe to play serve as a great alternative to the original.

Nearly 20 years on, this one still kicks like a mule and is definitely worth pulling out to give your crowd a real workout on the floor.


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