Still Hot Episode #1 – 20 Year Cycle – Rhythm Masters feat. Kenny Dope

“Everybody wanted a dub.  I’m like, ‘no, but you’re not worthy of a dub-dub-dub-dub-dub……'”

If you’re a DJ and you played house music between 1995-2002(roughly), then you KNOW exactly what it means to see the words “Rhythm Masters” on a vinyl label.  Those two words meant the record in your hands was lucky enough to receive a remix from the kings of funky, chunky, chopped and cut-up house and chances are you were going to be playing the hell out of their mix over the original in short order.

Comprised of Steve Mac and Rob Chetcuti, their production outfit dominated the remix scene in the mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s with their re-rubs of commercial and underground tunes alike numbering in the hundreds.  Having remixed everyone from Todd Terry to Michael Jackson together with a number of impressive original tunes to their name, they created and defined their signature sound which took many an average dance tune to anthemic status.

They disbanded in the mid-2000s but returned in proper form in May, 2015 with the dancefloor destroying “20 Year Cycle”.  Featuring vocals snatched from an interview with fellow house music legend and one half of the seminal remix/production duo Masters at Work, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, it is the RM sound in all its glory:  synth stabs, a delirious filtered bassline and a beat so old-school and tough that I can only describe it as RUDE(in the best way possible).  They even programmed it on an E-mu SP-1200!

9 months in, after a suitable caning from A-list DJs around the world, this one still bangs and can and should be pulled out to give your crowd a taste of the old-school.


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