Classic House Series Episode #12 – Rock Shock – Roy Davis Jr.

Given the plethora of quality releases that came out of Thomas Bangalter‘s Roule label in the mid-90s, it’s easy to overlook the funky, filtered, stomping gem of a tune that Chicago house music legend Roy Davis Jr. released in 1998.  In fact, Rock Shock was the label release that immediately preceded Roule’s biggest success, Music Sounds Better With You.

Davis Jr. previously worked as an A&R scout at the revered Strictly Rhythm label and released the massively successful single “Gabriel” which was a worldwide club hit.  With Rock Shock, based around a sample of Claudio Simonetti‘s “I Love The Piano“, Roy drops a fantastic piece of futuristic funk complete with booming drums, a thick bass and some nice filtering on the sample.

Thomas himself takes over remix duties and his “Start-Stop Mix” take Davis’ original formula, stands it on its head and…..well, I’ll let you have a listen for yourself.  Bangalter’s blend of crisp beats, signature filters and some deft turntablism tricks makes for a stellar remix and both sides of the vinyl can literally rock the dancefloor at anytime of night.

This is definitely a great jam to drop if you want to take your crowd for a ride and remains an iconic release in the Roule catalog.


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