Classic House Series Episode #15 – Pumpin’ – Novy vs. Eniac

Heavy is a great work to describe this classic tune.  A mixture of electro, techno and hard house with a vocal hook that will stick in your head long after the club is over, this one will definitely take the vibe from lukewarm to hot whenever it’s played.

While not the first collaboration between German producers Tom Novy and Eniac, “Pumpin’” remains one of their most popular and enduring releases.  Novy has a lengthy history of releases and achieved success with hits including “I Rock“, “Now or Never” and “Your Body“.  Eniac is no stranger to club and chart success either, most notably with “Loneliness” as Tomcraft, his collaboration with fellow German producer Thomas Bruckner.

Thundering beats, stabbing snares and a throbbing bassline are the order of the day in “Pumpin’“, offset by a warped bass note heard throughout and a vocal sample which drove DJs crazy trying to figure out where the lyrics came from.  Thankfully, a few good DJs with some hip-hop history brought us the answer.

The looped vocal comes courtesy of a sample of the old-school hip-hop classic Uknowhowwedu” from female hip-hop artist Bahamadia, a sample that should be familiar to old-school heads from its previous use in Lil’ Kim‘s “Crush On You“.  After digging for it for quite some time, I was pleased to track down a copy of the original release at Toronto’s Cosmo Records.  There’s a great little place to find some true classics in the T-Dot, by the way.

The whole track is fantastic, particularly the breakdown that comes in midway that consists of some distorted acid-like feedback, cleverly manipulated to provide maximum chaos on the dancefloor.  Remixes came courtesy of Germany’s Timo Maas, Bluefish and Flickman with the latter’s remix getting a radio edit for CD release and actually receiving some decent airplay in many markets including Canada.  In my humble opinion, go for the full 10-minute long original and give your crowd an electro-tinged workout with some serious old-school flava!


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