Canadian Classic House – Episode #4 – Feel Allright – Troy Brown

Happy Canada Day everyone!  With that in mind, we present a special Canada Day edition of Canadian Classic House with another gem from the always enjoyable Aquarius label, “Feel Allright” – Troy Brown.

Structurally, it’s not all that different from Happy Days – PJ, released on the same label in 1996.  Troy Brown’s 1998 release features a nice anchoring kick drum, bouncy percussion and, no it’s not a female singer used here, but a sample of the George Benson classic “Give Me The Night“.  Pitched up and comprised of two pieces of the chorus of Benson’s tune, the vocal loop carries the track as Brown filters it in and out before bringing in a third sample of Benson’s guitar solo to serve as a bridge of sorts between the two halves of the track.

Toronto’s Troy Brown has released a lengthy catalog of tracks going back to 1992 on various Toronto labels including DNH and Blacksoul.  “Feel Allright” was the tune that brought him some crossover success with spins on many Toronto dance stations and heavy club play, especially when mixed with “Happy Days“.  It still works the dancefloor nicely to this day and I fully expect anyone who plays the video above to have the hook stuck in their heads for the next day or so.  Happy Canada Day and, you’re welcome!



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