Classic House Series Episode #17 – Life Is Changing – Cricco Castelli

Nothing makes a great night of house music even better than dropping a funky, quirky stomper and Cricco Castelli‘s “Life Is Changing” covers all of those bases.

The track is based around samples of “My Lady” by The Crusaders, an American jazz fusion group whose hit 1979 album Street Life bears the sample source.  Italian DJ Castelli adds some straight up jackin’ beats to the fray and the result is an underground anthem that turned out far less commercial sounding than it has any right to be.  After hearing this in countless classic house sets over the years, I was happy to finally get the ID on this one and play it out myself.  The track has a broad appeal, getting the house-heads, jazz fans and lovers of good dance music alike into the groove whenever I’ve pulled it out.

Big support came from house heavyweights including DJ Sneak, Armand van Helden and many others so his one is definitely worth hunting down and the sing-along lyrics please the ladies every time.  Jazzy, funky house at its best.


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