Classic House Series Episode #18 – Ultra Flava – Farley & Heller Project

In the world of house music, a production can make a moderate impact at one moment and sometimes, just sometimes, be resurrected to even greater acclaim years later.  Such is the case with the undeniable house bomb that is “Ultra Flava” – Farley & Heller Project.

The year was 1994 and DJs/Remixers Terry Farley & Pete Heller were getting great feedback from their remix of Ultra Nate‘s single “How Long” under their Fire Island alias.  A listen to the remix shows that this is where the bulk of the sonic foundation for “Ultra Flava” was laid.  It remains a great remix in its own right, and Ultra Nate would go on to achieve worldwide success with the release of “Free” in 1997 and has continued to maintain a strong following to this day.  Heller would go on to enjoy success as a solo artist with his 1998 release of “Big Love” which would hit #1 on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

In 1996, Farley & Heller decided to release a slightly re-worked version of their mix minus Nate’s vocals and entitled it “Ultra Flava” as a nod to the track’s origins.  DJs hammered this new version out, it’s throbbing bassline and uplifting new vocal hook adding perfect balance to a sure-fire dancefloor destroyer.  Remixes followed from the likes of DJ Sneak, Grant Nelson, Rhythm Masters and many others over the years, but none have truly been able to match the sheer brilliance of the original.  The slick percussion completes the irresistible groove and this one still packs the floors every time(soooooooo perfect for a late-night house set).

Gotta move it on, push it on, ’til we find a better place.”  Farley & Heller certainly did that with this one.



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