Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Shawn Austin has been DJing since 1996 and has also produced a number of successful tracks and remixes in recent years. Shawn begin DJing when he was 16, and by 2002 he had played many of Toronto’s top clubs including The Docks, Atlantis, Guvernment, Paparazzi, Platinum, Colossus and a nine-month residency at Venus.

During this time Shawn tested the waters in the UK with promos of his early remixes. He was then invited to host a 2-hour radio program showcasing the best in Canadian and international dance music on Toronto’s 89.5 FM. Throughout his career, Shawn has always supported Canadian artists both on the air and in his DJ sets.

In 2000 he was awarded the Cheer DJ Pool’s award for DJ of The Year for his continuing efforts to promote and break new Canadian artists.

In 2001 Shawn was invited to re-tool Gigi D’Agostino’s international hit “I’ll Fly With You” as part of an exclusive set of Canadian remixes for Popular Records Canada. The mix helped D’Agostino’s record to hit the Canadian National Dance Chart, eventually peaking at number 35.

In 2006, Shawn began working on new music with Toronto-based producer Adam K. The result was the progressive-electro slammer, “40,000 Years of Funk”. Peaking at 4 on Beatport.com’s Progressive House Chart and 7 on the Beatport.com top 100, it is a crowd pleasing peak-time favourite with spins from Tiesto, Tom Novy, Flash Brothers and many others in support of remixes from Hirshee and Hatiras.

Shawn’s DJ sets are filled with an unmistakable passion as he weaves through classic house, old school hip-hop and vintage R&B, funk, disco, club anthems, progressive and techno (quite often in the course of a single evening). He always gives a nod to classic favourites, rare gems and his own productions and remixes to create a constantly evolving and crowd pleasing journey from start to finish. Shawn’s recent productions have seen him resurrecting the filtered, disco-house sounds that influenced his early career and will be sure to please those looking for a heavy dose of funk.

Both diverse and versatile, one thing is for sure: no one does it quite like he does.




3 responses to “About

  1. just found your blog by chance. love the name. one of my old radio shows went by the same name. if you want any jpgs of the logos I used let me know. :o)

    keep up the spirit of the music! I read the piece on PJ and Happy Days. very well done! you got your facts straight, for sure.



    • Hi Mitch,

      we used to work together at Iceberg Media, I volunteered there a few years back and it influenced my blog name. Glad to hear from you! What are you up to these days? Sure, send the logos over so I can check them out!

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