Classic House Series Episode #22 – Makes Me Love You – Eclipse

1998 and 1999 were such strong years for disco house that it’s easy to see why some of the best records of that era are often overshadowed by the ones that crossed over into commercial success.  Such is the case with the gorgeous piano house anthem “Makes Me Love You” from Eclipse, one of many pseudonyms used by veteran house producers Bini & Martini.

The Italian duo began producing tracks together in 1996 under the name House of Glass and soon developed a strong reputation as remixers lending their touch to releases from Wamdue Project, Soul Providers and their classic remix of “My Washing Machine” – Sikk.

Makes Me Love You” is a shimmering piece of summertime house based around a loop lifted from Sister Sledge‘s classic “Thinking of You“.  Serving as the 100th release on Britain’s renowned Azuli label, Bini & Martini add some fittingly tropical percussion and a soaring piano line together with some re-sung vocal stabs from the original.  The result is a 10-minute anthem, perfect for the end of the night and a great way to bring your crowd back down to earth before sending them home.  Hitting #25 on the UK charts, this one may not have hit the same commercial heights that Stardust, Armand and Phats & Small did at the time, but it remains a top disco house tune and is worthy of being added to any late-night house set.