Classic House Series Episode #25 – Chicago Southside – CZR

When it comes to sampling vintage material to make house music, some songs a simply a no-brainer.  Such is the case with this sublime cut from Chicago producer Cesar Hernandez a.k.a. CZR who cheekily turned a classic funk groove into 1996’s dancefloor destroyer “Chicago Southside”.

If you’re familiar with Gene Chandler‘s 1979 disco hit “When You’re #1″, then you should know from hearing the lyric “On the south side of Chicago, how they boogie…..” that this one was just waiting to be turned into a house music anthem.  CZR grabs his disco shears and incorporates several sections of Chandler’s tune thus creating an anthem that gives nod to his native Chicago and simply encourages everybody in the venue to hit the floor and get their collective groove on.  First appearing on CZR’s 1996 EP “Another Level“,  “Southside” would later see remixes courtesy of fellow legends Paul Johnson and Rick Garcia together with a re-rub from CZR himself.  CZR would go on to release tracks on a plethora of labels including the legendary Subliminal Records and continues to produce and DJ to this day.

This one definitely best suits a proper house crowd, an audience that knows their history and who will appreciate the simple genius of this great record.  If you’re feeling bold, toss this one on during a late-night house set and watch the dancefloor erupt!