thekeytothehousemix Sessions Feb 2017 – Mixed by Shawn Austin

It’s been a while since I’ve mixed up a bunch of classics for the masses so here’s a tasty selection that includes many track featured right here on thekeytothehouse.  Enjoy!


A Tribute to Pryda

We’ve been anxiously counting down the days to the release of the “Eric Prydz presents:  Pryda” triple CD here at thekeytothehouse and we now have just two weeks to go!  To wet your appetite for what’s to come, I’ve dug out a Pryda tribute mix that I did back in 2009 for all of you to enjoy.

Eric Prydz has been nothing less than the most consistent producer in house music today.  Consistent in the sense that every single track that this guy makes is pure GOLD!!!  Since bursting on to the scene with the seminal “Call On Me” back in 2004, Prydz has demonstrated a remarkable ability to balance his underground productions under his Pryda alias with the commercial sensibility of his releases under his real name including “Call On Me“, “Proper Education“, “Pjanoo“(originally a Pryda production which crossed over nicely) and others.

Prydz’s productions are laced with his signature throbbing basslines, gorgeous, uplifting synth melodies and thumping grooves that you will feel in the depths of your soul.  Classified as house, progressive house, techno and trance, I prefer to call the music of Prydz “J.C. tracks” simply because whenever I hear something new from him, I inevitably exhale and say “Jesus Christ!”  He could be considered the Chuck Norris of dance music as I believe this guy could eat a synthesizer or sequencer for breakfast and crap out a masterpiece by mid-afternoon.  A Pryda release is not just another track to come out, it is an event to look forward to and it’s easy to see that millions of people around the world would agree as his releases almost instantly hit the top of the charts on sites like Beatport and others.  And, as forward-thinking as he might be, he continues to make his releases available on vinyl and his Pryda label boasts some of the biggest sales around with respect to that format.

As a DJ, Prydz has stepped up his game and raised the bar with his jaw-dropping “E.P.I.C.(Eric Prydz In Concert)” shows which feature his amazing tunes against a backdrop of incredible imagery and even 3D holographic projections to create a truly unique experience for his fans.  Hopefully we will one day see him take this show to venues around the world and I know I will be in attendance if he touches down in good old Toronto, Canada.

Fans have been clamouring for years to see a proper CD release from Prydz, and his upcoming 3-disc set will finally satisfy those admirers.  Sadly, one of my favourite Pryda productions “Wakanpi” will not be part of the set, but it is included in my tribute mix above.  Nevertheless, the set will feature new and classic productions mixed by the man himself and should help cement his status as perhaps the top electronic dance music producer of the new millenium.

Be sure to check back here at thekeytothehouse for our review of the set once it is released on May 21, 2012.

Got a favourite Pryda production?  Post your comments below and let us know which of his “epic” productions means the most to you!