thekeytothehousemix Sessions Feb 2017 – Mixed by Shawn Austin

It’s been a while since I’ve mixed up a bunch of classics for the masses so here’s a tasty selection that includes many track featured right here on thekeytothehouse.  Enjoy!


Cafe del Mar 2013(The Haunted Hope Remix) – Energy 52

I know it’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here, but I was blown away by how many followers and visits we’ve had since my last login!  As a token of my appreciation, here is my reworking of the all-time trance classic Cafe del Mar – Energy 52 and gave the alias I used the name Haunted Hope as that’s what came to mind when I was working with the sounds I decided to use.  Rather than peppering it with samples from the original mixes, I simply decided to replay everything from scratch to give it the feel I wanted.  It has become my most played track on Soundcloud and as everyone and their grandmere has remixed this one, I am so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to listen to it and give positive feedback.

Hopefully more to come soon, enjoy!


We’re still here!

Hey everybody,

I know thekeytothehouse has been quiet lately due to some recent time constraints that haven’t allowed me to devote the proper time to my articles here.  The final two installments in our review of Daft Punk’s Homework will be up soon and much more!  Keep checking back and thanks to everyone for helping me to crack 740 views!

Shouts and respect around the world,

Shawn Austin


It Shall Be(Original Mix) – Shawn Austin

Well folks, things are going beautifully here at thekeytothehouse with well over 300 page views and nearly 60 page views of our Eric Prydz presents:  Pryda review alone!  I appreciate all the support and remain grateful and humbled by it.  In that regard, I hope you all will enjoy the new track I finished up this past weekend called “It Shall Be”.  It’s a funky, techy, at times minimal tune, and I hope fans and DJs alike will give it a spin and, please, let me know how you feel about it!!!

It is available for free download and so far, has been getting a great response.  Big thanks to my Twitter superfan Frank Sinop for his compliments and for consistently supporting the blog.  Please leave your comments below on on Soundcloud and you can check out all my tunes at

Again, many thanks to all of you for the love and support.  You are always welcome in this house!